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  • nuo: 2018 03 01
    iki: 2018 03 01

    Vilnius Dermatoscopy Saturday 2018

    The workshop is organized for dermatovenereologists, general practitioners, surgeons and plastic surgeons. Every participant will receive Vilnius university certificate of 6 hours.

    Vieta: Hotel ARTIS Conference Hall, Totoriu str. 23, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Svetainė: www.ldvd.lt
    El. paštas: info@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 12 01
    iki: 2017 12 01

    Dermatologijos seminarai

    Mokslinė praktinė konferencija "LDVD Vilniaus seminarai", vyks 2017 m. gruodžio 1 d. viešbučio "Artis" konferencijų centre.

    Vieta: Viešbutis "Artis"
    Svetainė: www.ldvd.lt
    El. paštas: darius@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 11 24
    iki: 2017 11 25


    On behalf of the Lithuanian Society of Endodontology it is my great pleasure to welcome you at ENDOBALTIC 2017, which after a few years is again organized in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have prepared a rich scientific program for you. An up-to-date scientific program, lecturers from different countries, poster presentations will represent the multidisciplinary approach in the field of endodontology.

    Vieta: Radisson Blu Lietuva
    Svetainė: http://endodontologija.lt/konferencijos-programa17
    El. paštas: 2017@endobaltic.lt

  • nuo: 2017 10 25
    iki: 2017 10 27

    LTeam konferencija 2017

    „LTeam konferencijoje“ sporto industrijos mėgėjai ir profesionalai dvi dienas matavo sportininkų galimybių ribas. Fizines, psichologines, teisines, komunikacines, finansines. Lietuvos antidopingo agentūros atstovė Rūta Banytė kalbėjo apie dopingo galią negrįžtamai sudarkyti žmogaus gyvenimą. „Prieš trisdešimt metų sportininkus anabolikais pumpuodavo jiems to nežinant, dabar tai daryti jie pasirenka patys,“- pranešimą apibendrino sporto pareigūnė.

    Vieta: Radisson BLU Lietuva
    Svetainė: http://www.lteam.lt/naujienos/LTeam-konferencija-matavo-sportininku-galimybiu-ribas
    El. paštas: darius@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 09 22
    iki: 2017 09 22

    Baltic Rheumatology Conference

    On behalf of the Lithuanian Society of Rheumatology it is my great pleasure to welcome you at BALTIC RHEUMATOLOGY CONFERENCE 2017, which is organized in Vilnius, Lithuania. Year 2017 should be considered as a big date and exclusive occasion because of the 50th anniversary of Lithuanian rheumatology association. Moreover, by coincidence it comes along with the 70th anniversary of EULAR.

    Vieta: Vilnius, Lithuania
    El. paštas: info@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 08 23
    iki: 2017 08 26

    ADEE Vilnius 2017

    Every year, the ADEE invites its members from all over Europe to attend our Annual Conference. This year ADEE is proud to announce that our meeting will be held at the Institute of Odontology, Vilnius University, Lithuania from the 23th-25th August 2017 and the theme will be Learning together to improve oral health and quality of life.

    Vieta: Vilnius University
    Svetainė: http://www.adee.org/meetings/vilnius2017/
    El. paštas: info@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 06 26
    iki: 2017 06 30

    13th World Congress of Semiotics

    The IASS-AIS World Congress is the most important scientific event for the international semiotic community. Organized since 1974 (in Milan, Italy), it has now reached the 13th edition, and has been hosted in years by Italy (twice), Austria, Spain (twice), US, Mexico, Germany, France, Finland, China and Bulgaria countries. This year, the congress will be organized for the first time in Lithuania, in the premises of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities of Kaunas University of Technology, from the 26th to the 30th of June, 2017.

    Vieta: Kaunas University of Technology
    Svetainė: http://isisemiotics.eu/iass2017/iass2017-about/
    El. paštas: darius@bkp.lt

  • nuo: 2017 06 09
    iki: 2017 06 10

    Lietuva-Slovakija Futbolo federacijos svečių apgyvendinimas, maitinimas, ekskursijos.

    Slovakijos futbolo federacijos logistinės paslaugos Lietuvoje

    Vieta: Vilnius
    El. paštas: info@bkp.lt